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Join our rapidly growing group of professionally accredited Zypha Detailers.

If you can offer the professional skill, environment and attitude that we look for at Zypha Detailing you could be in with a chance to become accredited and use our exclusive accredited only products.

Professional Products. Professional Service. Professional People.

Do you think you have what we look for and are interested in becoming an accredited detailer?

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-Kimi raikkonen-

“Others can sit in the simulators if they want. I´m here to drive.”

What’s Involved

Accreditation is our way of examining you and your workplace practices in order to gauge if you are fit to apply Zypha’s premium range.

The reasoning for this is our products cannot be applied by anyone, only the most intricate and precise detailers with high levels of skill can do what is required.

If successful on applying for accreditation, we will send a member of Zypha to visit your work space.

They will ask what practices you use, industry experience with types of work you’ve carried our and what products you have used.

After this a demonstration of how your work is carried out takes place, this is so we can see where you are at with your skill and how you practice your methods.

We like to see a raw decontaminated vehicle being bought up to at least a level two correction and enhancement.

Then you will apply protection to the vehicle whilst Zypha ensure you do this correctly and efficiently.

Successful candidates will immediately receive a Zypha Detailing Accredited Detailers Programme certificate and access to our full accredited only range of products.

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